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Monday, May 16, 2011

Today is Monday, May 16th

Ai yi yi!!!  I wrote an email today to Janell at Stanford and Kelly at Dr. Wu's office.  Kelly called me back and offered to have Home health people call me (haven't heard from them yet).  Debra called and listened while I ranted about being out here in the cold without anyone to talk to about T's present condition and what to expect or any help.  She offered that there is a lot of information and help available and since she's just been diagnosed;  she now sees it from a unique angle.  She says she will have Rhonda bring paperwork to me tomorrow while T is getting his LP and have the social worker drop by too.  One thing that she suggested that makes sense is physical therapy to enable T to get back to using his body.

Apparently, it takes being a squeaky wheel yet again to get someone to do something.  And now for the interesting part:  Tracy finally ate scrambled eggs for lunch while sitting in bed and then, slept most of the afternoon.   Then he got out of bed and actually ate half of a chicken pot pie for dinner.  He's now talking to his sister on the phone....  The twists and turns of this drama are making me nuts but I'll live with it as long as he does....

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  1. Annie & T~

    Wahoo...So happy to know that he's eating again. Everything seems to happen with small steps. PT is a wonderful idea and will also destract him....give him something else to focus on. Still sending daily prayers and WHITE LIGHT!
    Love to you both
    Di H