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Sunday, May 15, 2011

Today is Sunday, May 15th

It's been another interesting day on the central coast.  It's been sprinkling and now, the sun has come out.  I've been trying to restore my connectivity all morning.  Finally had to restart the router.  We'd had a power failure during the night.  I awoke to the stereo and TV blasting from the other rooms... wonder why that happens?  So, probably the DSL genie escaped his bottle and scuttled our connections.. I was about to call on Allen for help when T suggested restarting the router.  It worked!  Obviously, cause here I am blogging...  I have enlisted Jayne's help to get T some music.  I'm pretty tired and need some down time.  I gave my open house on Toledo to Vicki and I'm still in my nightshirt.  Riley & I went out this morning and he graced me with 1 bag and then, a little later, Allen took him for a walk....in between the rain clouds....

T was admitted to Stanford yesterday.  His counts were so critically low, they were refusing to administer blood in the cancer center.  With a little convincing, they treated him to 1 unit of blood while still in the ITA and T's color came back.  So, while searching for a room, they continued giving our T blood.  He'd need at least 3 units of blood.  I asked the nagging kind of stupid question, "where does his blood go?"   During consolidation, T is being bombarded with chemo and tho' he's in remission, his bone marrow is incapable of producing blood.  T's being given more blood and platelets today.  No doctor call this morning... they're keeping a low profile...I'm going to do some escrow work and read and rest.  Tomorrow is another day of action.

I'm happy to say that the SAM-e is working.  BS finally filled a prescription for Paxil generic instead of Lexipro on Wed. but something kept me from wanting to ingest a drug that would take 4 weeks to start working.  Vicki and a nurse had said they'd had great success with SAM-e. Vicki actually drove me to Costco to buy some, along with dog food, wine and greek yogurt... the necessities.  I've taken one a day and already seen a difference.  I would have been hysterical yesterday at the turn of events, since T has been admitted 3 times in the last week.  Instead, Carla came to the cancer center and kept me company as we rolled with the never ending punches.... I was so tired that I scrunched down on a couch in the hallway for a break and in that short time... they spirited T to a room.  I tucked him in, spoke to the nurse re his meds etc. and finally left.  I barely made it home with the window and sun roof open and the wind whipping my face.  I understand how at 4PM in an afternoon, someone can doze off behind the wheel.  I slept a full night last night and man, did I need it.  Missed the James Durbin celebration at the boardwalk but hey, hopefully it won't be the last we've heard from the local boy that made good...

Carpe diem!

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