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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Today is Wednesday, May 18th

Spinning through the last few days as Tracy evolves...  Yesterday was a very long day at Stanford as T had his 5th & last LP laced with chemo and several units of platelets and one unit of blood.  The first time in awhile that I'd actually come prepared with T's favorite things (iPod & speaker etc) and a bag with a change of clothes & meds etc for me and we didn't need them!  Met with the social worker, Anne and a nutritionist & finally feel like someone is listening and cares.  Arranged 2 rides to Stanford- Thurs w/ John;  Tues. w/Tom.  We arrived home over 10 hours later, had a protein smoothie, showered and watched most of the superb season finales of NCIS & The Good Wife; while I decompressed.

This morning I arranged an apt. by a Visiting Nurse, who came by and assessed T & will continue to come by once a week for awhile to take T's vitals and check on him.  She even helped me make the bed altho' it's not in her purview, bless her.  I also arranged for Palliative Care to come by on Fri. and Mark, the Physical Therapist.  Oh boy!!!

I am so excited. T is present.  He's determined and he's walking.  He's eating - a couple scrambled eggs this morning, protein smoothie for lunch,  peanut butter this afternoon and a little seafood manicotti this evening.
When I went to the office to do some escrow work,  T was gonna take a nap and I wasn't scared to leave for the first time in several weeks.  We did our final walk through on 605 Laguna St.  and finally, I can relax.  It's done and I'm content.  Thank you all for your loving support.  I've been wearing Mom's ring set to feel her strength and courage permeate me... it's working!

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  1. So Glad thing are progressing....
    Prayers to Tracy and You and Keep up all the strength - both of you.. I am so glad you are getting some outside help coming to the house...
    Bless you both - two very strong brave souls!
    Love you both Di