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Sunday, May 15, 2011

Sunday, Post 2

I should be able to take it easy for one day BUT NO!!!  I heard from Tracy they were discharging him and he'd be ready at 6PM.  I was ready to leave and decided to call the nurse's station.  They informed me that the blood bank was late and that he'd not be ready until 8PM.  I asked why discharge him so late at night, when it's takes an hour each way to get him home.  The answer is insurance won't cover having him stay another night.   I'm so frustrated I could scream.  I've called back twice now and T has been given 2 units of blood and 2 units of platelets today.  I've tried paging the doctor.  I'm beside myself.  I know Tracy wants to come home but this is killing me.  This will be another sleepless night because T can't function on his own.  This is not logical!!!! I'm sure my blood pressure is through the roof.   I can't keep this up.  Tuesday, he's due back at Stanford for his last lumbar puncture.  I know he'll need blood & platelets & that will mean another very long day at Stanford.  Chances are good that he'll be admitted again and/or we'll have to return on Wed.  I know the drill... I just don't like the story anymore.   Tomorrow I definitely will speak to someone who can help... it's time for hospice transitions.

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