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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Tuesday & Wednesday, December 28th & 29th

What a difference a day makes....24 little hours...keeps running through my head.  In one day how many conversations, quips, jokes, double entendres, sarcastic remarks, truths, exaggerations and white lies do you think we trade in?   As I look back at Tuesday and Wednesday, I wonder what it all means... yet it's the fabric of our lives.  Every interaction, no matter how small or how deep... every email, voicemail, banter or heart to heart is how we interact with the world around us and what gets through gives it meaning.  You know the saying "we are what we eat"?  Well, we are what we say and do too and the last couple of days have been building.  Tracy is becoming Tracy... he drove yesterday for the first time in months...he has his sense of humor... that quick wit responding to what he hears and sees...he's had a few hard nights but he awakes with a renewed sense of who he is and he's all in... he's ready, willing and able...

Yesterday we both did our respective things.  I went to my office meeting and worked & T fixed my listing sign on the Westside and took Riley to the dog park.  OMG!!! He is back!! After, we met up at home and cuddled.  Today was another day at Stanford, my weekly listing visit and all our other errands all the way home... Neupogen shot, dinner and a movie and time to dream... to sleep and renew and refresh...

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