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Thursday, December 9, 2010

Today is Thursday, December 9th

It's weird how quickly the time has been flying... I awoke this morning next to Riley, fighting my way to Tracy... this hound dog is a real bed hog who likes the middle.  T looked and sounded more comfortable this morning, altho' he changed his shirt once last night and I massaged away a cramp in his hand.  

Today was to be a new day of positive thinking and forward looking ideas... T made breakfast of scrambled eggs and bacon.  I had toast, coffee & clean up duty.  He's back!!!  T would be on his own for most of the day, because I had work commitments that would take me over the hill again ( thank goodness, I was able to hitch a ride with Marilyn) and upon our return, I showed 2 homes in Prunedale.   I came home to a smiling T... he was content.  No change in his weight but his beret was at a rakish angle.  My honey made a pasta dish and we sat and ate dinner together and talked about our respective days.  Shower and bed early...I'm soooo glad my man is home!!!!

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