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Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Today is Tuesday, November 30th

I had every intention of going to my office meeting and then, I felt an overwhelming wave of exhaustion... I crawled back into bed and decided I needed rest more than a meeting.  Tracy was definitely out of sorts... he just can't seem to hold anything down and it's very discouraging for both of us.  

So, we both got up and I made some oatmeal and tea for the T man and coffee for me and I began to check email.  Lots of stuff going on...Janet & Mike's deal had been countered and I had to gather information for them so, they could make an intelligent counter offer.  I started the ball rolling and then, proceeded to get Tracy settled.  Then, off to the office to deal with the massive amount of paper in an intelligent fashion...or at least I hoped to...  The 1031 had closed & I had to make sure the file was complete and take care of the rest of my current clients.  So, multiple phone calls and hours later... I was burned to a crisp... home to my honey and the turkey soup I had rustled up the night before. T seemed to tolerate it for awhile but he was very weak and still running to the throne.  

I spent the evening putting together my Broker's Pricing Option (BPO) on my new Sunnyvale Bank Owned listing so, I could keep my commitment..  the only piece left is uploading the photos.   Shower and bed with T and blessed sleep for the weary....

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