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Thursday, December 16, 2010

Today is Thursday, December 16th

An entire day at home... what a luxury!!!  Writing in bed until mid-morning while T snoozed.  Tracy had had a terrible night and I had slept through it, so, to assuage the guilt; I kept checking on him, buzzing around making him comfortable.  Joe's Special (my fave with sirloin, spinach,onion & eggs) for brunch and then, stripped the bed, started laundry and started working.  I made some headway on contacting clients and T seemed to rally a little... He's stretched so tight every thing hurts but we managed to get an apt. Sat. morning with Sonja for a lymphatic drainage massage .... yay!!  and drumroll please? T has lost 15 lbs.!!!

So, later on T went downstairs and moved the Christmas tree by the bar so, it was more visible and festive... just like he used to do all the time.  I can't tell you how many times I've come home in the past to find all the furniture in any given room moved around... it's fun, interesting and it keeps things fresh...(course sometimes it makes things hard to find).... We had talked about the fact that you really couldn't see the tree from outside the house and T listened and acted on it. It was so endearing. What a guy!  More importantly, he was moving around and acting like Tracy!!!  Moving through the pain, that's my guy!

Dinner was salmon & yams (thanks Pat for the yams & chicken & soup & tuna) and as we sat, we enjoyed the Christmas music and all the cheer...after all it only comes once a year.  

We retired upstairs and I wrote out Christmas cards while Tracy stamped them until it was time to shower, make the bed and call it a night... the John Stewart show was one of the best I've seen.  911 responders are so very ill and dying and have been denied health coverage while the wretched Republicans are filibustering to avoid passage of the bill to rectify the situation. Watch it if you dare!!! What a way to end the day.... simply shameful!!! and to all a good night...

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  1. Missed John Stewart.. can't stay up that late.. but I agree - Zadroga Bill - Congress actions are discusting and disturbing on how they treat our heros..

    Tracy glad you are loosing your water weight must feel good! Take care my friends!!