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Thursday, December 2, 2010

Today is Thursday, December 2nd

It's hard to be in our home without T.  Riley & I keep banging around this big old house looking and listening for our man... he's everywhere and nowhere and our bed is just too damn big... I just keep missing my big old bear... so, I finally rallied & called him.  Dried my eyes and Riley and I made it downstairs.  I tended to the things I had to, called our wonderful tenants and told them I'd swing by for the rent.  Gassed up,  library,  dropped a bunch of stuff at the office, Watsonville for the rents, bank and coasted up to see my T man.

Tracy is huge BUT the word is he doesn't have MRSA, CDiff or any other nasty bug so far. They didn't aspirate the fluid from his lung today but he's had an EKG, an Echocardiogram and every other test known to man... He's on a potassium, sucrose IV and a Levaquin (antibiotic) IV.  The poor thing has been poked and prodded non-stop; but we're convinced they're gonna find the answer.  They're also talking about another bone marrow test.  The nurses were soo surprised and saddened to see him return but they're fighting over who gets to care for him...... I scrubbed his back and washed his feet and then, rubbed cream into his piggies... Meanwhile we listen to music as the day ebbs to a close. ...someday soon, he's coming home and then we'll forget all this...  

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