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Friday, December 24, 2010

Today is Thursday, December 23rd

So many blessings in oh so many ways...  Many times today, I fought back tears of joy...the day started out like any other day.  Oatmeal, toast, coffee & juice, retrieval of the papers and removal of a bag or two of Riley's presents from our neighbors lawns.  Glaring difference? Tracy was there... acknowledging the gorgeous sunshine, pointing out where Riley had hidden his deposit, reveling in the ordinary, quite real details of our lives.

Before I'd drifted off to sleep last night, I'd emailed Janell, the Archangel of the Madeiros team, about the absence of Neupogen arriving at our door.  First order of business this morning, Janell started wrangling with Caremark, the prescription mail order and ultimately Blue Shield.  Caremark called me to verify the details of a Friday delivery.  I just wasn't convinced it was going to be this Friday.  Tracy needed to keep on schedule with his Neupogen shots and he'd used up his supply.  So, Janell and I were in agreement.  We both didn't trust that Friday delivery was a real possibility.  So, 19 emails later... Janell went from requesting authorization for 2 injections, today, 12/23 & Saturday, 12/25.... to Insurance not authorizing out-patient injections while processing a self-administration prescription! ... to canceling the entire order for self-administration Neupogen in order to start auth process for T to go to Stanford every mon/wed/fri - - to getting Caremark to allow an over-ride either:  1) two doses of Neopogen that we could pick up at Walgreens for self administration or 2) administration of Neupogen for two doses in the out-patient ITA (Infusion treatment area).  Last ditch option: ITA would require us to sign a PAFR (don't know or care what the acronym stands for but bottom line:  we would be financially responsible if insurance were to deny payment).  AI YI YI!!!! IT'S SO WRONG!!!  THIS IS PRECISELY WHY WE HAVE INSURANCE !!!  I made the decision that we would NOT sign for financial responsibility since the implications for future would screw us permanently and the cost was $1330 for 2 shots!!!  Lamenting why Caremark delayed delivery in the first place...all the time mumbling my mantra, "we need health care reform now!!!!" Janell at long last prevailed with "Override to pick up all 10 at the Cancer Center Walgreens!" sweet music to our battered ears... Playing poker is no way to start any morning...but quite a fight to get the juices rolling...I wrote a card of thanks and attached a box of sweets and set off to thank Janell, our angel of mercy, hopefully, in person, while T was at the Stanford ITA . Janell happened by...we hugged and lamented the sorry state of our insurance obstacles and struggles and rejoiced at Janell's imminent holiday retreat at the lake... she certainly deserved a vacation!!  second thought so do I !!!!  

Greatest of news!!  Tracy has lost a total of 30 lbs of water weight in the last week and a half and his white cell count is 8.7!!!!!  Normal is a range of 4-11...  T is no longer my Pillsbury Doughboy.  Boy, wouldn't I like to drop weight that quickly?!!!  T must continue to push proteins, watch his surroundings and get centered, strong and healthy so, in 3 weeks the next round of treatment can begin and won't batter the hell out of him.

So, while we were working through the BS debacle... the listing agent rang... fishing around to see if we could come to an agreement.  I love this part of any deal... the art of putting the pieces together, completing the puzzle and fulfilling someone's dream...I referenced a home that had just closed which drove home the sanity of our offer and emailed the proof.  We'll see... one never knows until the ink is dry on the agreement but it sure is fun!  We also got the paperwork off to the bank on my S'vale listing and we're still waiting on Janet's deal; a response would be nice on Barry's pursuit of the elusive Prunedale cutie... so much of real estate is patience and unrelenting chase...  

After a stop at Michael's for a beret pattern for my honey and more yarn... we cruised home... to meet vivacious Lila with a glass of red and a love story or two at long last... she was bringing dinner (steak, Glaum eggs, yams, oranges, chips & guacamole) and it was a wonderful finish to another eventful day in our lives....

 I am so thankful for our family, friends, meaningful work, our home, Riley and most of all... Tracy is truly on the road to recovery... T is becoming.... he's alive ...

Our lives are shaped by finding our way through life's lessons... it's all about the journey, baby!!!  Carpe diem...

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