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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Today is Monday, December 27th

Tracy is still losing weight!!  He's down to 228 lbs.!1  So he was actually losing body weight cause he hadn't been able to retain any nutrition at all for the 3 weeks he was gaining all that water weight...  He's eating very healthy foods now and gradually testing his ability to tolerate different things.  He adds new items in gradually to see his reaction to it.  He's going to try his beloved cream cheese on toast tomorrow... just once to see if he can manage it.  We'll see...  T is also testing himself.  He says he feels capable of driving so, he's gonna try that tomorrow too.  Wow!  He'll take Riley along in his blue bomber and change out my listing sign on the Westside since the weather did a number on it.  He wants to do it!

Life brings new challenges and opportunities all the time.  As Mom would say,  "When someone knocks on the door, answer it!"  So, today was very interesting.  Each time the phone rang, the call was another new slant on things.  Three different ways of looking at three different deals emerged today.  Each one presented as a new slant on how to successfully work out the challenges.  Building on the existing position to flesh out a winner is always the key to finding the solution.  Patience has been the key to Real Estate this year.   So, we'll see in the next few days how it all pans out.

I took the opportunity to hang out at home today.  I enjoyed working and then, unwinding with a book.  Dave Pascal turned me on to David Rosenfelt and now I'm reading every one of his books... can't seem to put them down.. he's funny and sarcastically amusing in an adorably East coast way of spinning a tale about a lawyer, his sidekick dog, his love life and always an interesting case of who done it... then, more calls and some crocheting... all the while feeding from our trough of wonderful food choices... Carla's tasty Italian wedding soup was a highlight and Lila stopped by with a gorgeous filet mignon (tomorrow's dinner) and a goody bag of items to keep me healthy; Airborne, pink grapefruit hand cleaner, L'Occitane shea butter & soap and of course dark chocolate.

Then, while enjoying a pizza, the ultimate football challenge, the Saints vs the Falcons, a rivalry worth watching as Drew Brees finally triumphed over Atlanta!! Yahoo!  On to the mounting of Dale Culhuly exhibits as I got carried away crocheting T's beret...until it looked remarkably like with the addition of a few Rastafarian braids he could play a steel drum in a Reggae band so, ultimately, I ripped most of it out and changed gears.  I picked up on a gift scarf that I'd started and worked on it until it was time for bed.

A diverse and quite interesting day as my honey evolves...

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