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Thursday, December 30, 2010

Blue Shield Strikes Again

Next stop:  Congress

We need to contact our legislators and apprise them that this is not acceptable!  I will do that immediately.  Will you?

Here's the letter I sent to Senators Feinstein, Boxer and Congressman Farr:

We need your help.  I just awoke in the middle of the night with the realization that our Blue Shield insurance premiums have just increased by 21.25% since Oct. 2010.  Our newest increase will hit Mar. 1st, 2011  which translates to a 21.25% increase in 5 months.  Last year we suffered a 40% premium increase.  Who can possibly justify these increases?  Yes, we still have insurance but at what cost?  We have insurance for a reason.  We buy insurance to ensure against catastrophic illness.  Well guess what?  That time is now!!!

My husband is fighting for his life.  We are self employed.  I am a Realtor and my husband is a General Contractor who is no longer able to work.  Tracy was diagnosed on Oct. 15, 2010 with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia in addition to his Chronic Leukocytic Lymphoma.  He is undergoing treatment at Stanford.  Thank God we are still insured but at what cost?!!!

How do we working people survive?  I am sole caregiver, chief bottle washer and a Realtor.  This has been the toughest year of my life.  Where do we turn for help?  What is the alternative? The Health Care Reform Bill was decimated.   We can turn to a government sponsored high risk pool BUT only if we have been uninsured for 6 months.  My husband won't be alive without treatment in 6 months.  What happened to no more than 14% annual increases?  Where do we turn?

Please don't send me a form letter response.  I have been a very active Democrat all of my life.  I have worked very hard in the election cycles and am an elected member of the Democratic Central Committee of Santa Cruz County.  I am also an elected Director of the Santa Cruz County Association of Realtors.  I need real help as do most Americans in this economy.  We need your help.  Please advise.

We are gonna make it but I believe I was put in this position to fight for all those people who don't know how to fight for what's right in the light of so much adversity.  Please tell me what I should be doing to shed light and focus on health care reform.  This needs to be focussed on along with the millionaires need for tax breaks.  I will speak publicly, testify in front of Congress and do anything that will bring pressure to bear.  

Now it's your turn!!!

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  1. Lets Shut Down the Strikes AGAIN B**L... S**T! Im on your ban wagon and feel the same pain! Power are in numbers - do your part all!!