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Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Today is Wednesday, December 22nd

Oh man when you're hot...ride it for all it's worth!!!  T only had one sweat last night and he lost 30 lbs. that's right! 30 lbs.!!! YAH!!! 

So, my man & I went our separate ways after French toast & bacon brunch.  I was off to the office to pick up the bank's Addendum and to check up on the other deals that were cooking... several hours and non stop talking...off to our Scotts Valley office to meet the Buyer's Agent for my Sunnyvale listing to exchange paperwork.  What a fabulous office and sooo welcoming.. and a chance to visit with my bud, Lorraine before the holiday break.  Back to drop off the paperwork and finally, home to see my honey...

Lo and behold!!  Tracy had started the soup and he was waiting on me... guess who was on the Wii today?  T did the obstacle course, marching and strength training AND he took down our sign on my 118 Granada listing across the street AND he returned Billy's glass pie dish to Evelyn's along with our profuse thanks for an awesome lemon meringue pie!!!  T was a busy guy today!!!  He's back, and he seems sooo much happier... a smile that melts my heart... 

Keep that white light coming please...IT'S WORKING!!!!!

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