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Thursday, December 9, 2010

Catching up Tuesday & Wednesday, December 7th & 8th

It's early and this roller coaster is unrelenting.  When I got to the hospital on Tues., I realized I didn't have much fight left.  We paged Dr. Reiss and I said "You've got lots of splainin' to do.  Less than 24 hours later and you're discharging him?"  He proceeded to reiterate all the things I know in my heart.  Tracy needs to be home, where he can heal.  The danger to his well being is too great in the hospital.. too many virulent bacteria even in his bubble.  He needs to rest and walk, eat well and push proteins.  So, I accepted the decision and took a break... I went shoe shopping, retail therapy.  When I returned, I ran into the social worker and repeated our story, with the addition that it was going to be 7:00PM by the time he was discharged and we had to return in the morning...Did that make sense?  Drive for an hour and a half home and then, repeat it on the return, when he's so ill?  Well, I lost that battle and it's a good thing.  Tracy came home and we're glad.  He needed to be in his place.  Just showering in the hospital is an ordeal.  We showered together after protecting his PICC line and went to sleep, cuddling with Riley, the happy hound dog.

Wed., another day at Stanford.  We saw Bruno.  He insists it's dietary indiscretion and explained that T has to be stronger in order to continue his treatment.  T is still in remission!  YAY!!!  We must get him back in fighting mode so, the second phase can begin. So, we continued on to my new listing so, I could complete my weekly report; a stop at Costco for staples (protein) and gas, CVS for his meds and finally,  at long lost... home.  Tracy was glad to be here.   A long day of sitting, not great for his swelling. We rested for awhile, argued a bit over stupid little things, ate dinner and after I entered all the listing data in the MLS, we went to bed.  We needed to regroup, talk about our fears and our accomplishments and "get on the positive train", T's phrase.

Thursday is a new day!!!


  1. Remission is GREAT!! HUMMMM!! Lots of Protien... I think it all calls for a Prime Rib Celebration!! Get Strong Trac.. We know you are a strong Man, You can certianly do this!!! Happy Naps With Riley... Choo Choo!!!! The trains ON TRACK!
    Love you both - Mike and Di

  2. So glad to hear things are going down the right path. If there is anything I can do, just call. Is he up to tea and honey? Lorraine