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Sunday, December 26, 2010

Today is Sunday, December 26th

Today was all about rest and recharging our batteries...  time to catch up on three days worth of 2 daily newspapers;  the Sentinel & the Mercury News. The comics are better in the Mercury but the Sentinel carries our local news...so sometimes they stack up and I can't stand to just chuck them...guess I'm afraid I might miss something... of course that's my attitude about life in general... I just don't want to miss a thing.  

So, on this stunningly gorgeous Rio Del Mar day... we set up our slug stations (crocheting, iPhone and remote controlled non-stop football) and watched the abysmal 49er loss and the Giants fall from grace....while taking food breaks....mountains of left overs to share.   When the third game was cancelled due to weather, T, Riley & I strolled the neighborhood and enjoyed the last remnants of sun. Back to a few Netflix movies, shared shower (T is down to 230 lbs.) and a good book... what a great day and a wonderful way to finish off a jam packed holiday weekend!!!  

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