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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Catching up Sat, Sun and it's now Monday, Dec. 20th

AI YI YI!!!  What a jam packed weekend!!!  I'm trying to catch up.  Saturday started out with Tracy's lymphatic drainage massage by Sonja and some enlightening layman info on Tracy's maladies... a reminder to put his pressure stockings on and back to Rio Del Mar... stopped at CVS for T's meds and once again, Blue Shield is playing games.  They want Bruno to justify why he's prescribed Neupogen.  So, once again I emailed Janell and asked for her capable help.  She'll get on it on Mon. 

I held my last open house of the year at 118 Granada Dr.  Even in that horrible weather,  I had a constant stream of viewings.  Afterwards, I toured a gorgeous Seascape condo, so I could work up a comparative marketing analysis for a new client going through a divorce.  Then a visit with my dear friend, Fran and a stop at Pat & John's holiday party.... home to cook dinner for T & I and on to bed... totally done in... 

Sunday, I slept in and then, as T put it... I learned Chinese Mongolese... I attempted to intuitively learn how to set up our new portable bedside phones and finally, gave up and read the manual.  An hour later, I made my way to the kitchen and made French toast & bacon for brunch.  Many phone calls later,  I went to Lila's holiday party with the intent to stay a few minutes which turned into hours, chatting and catching up with my friends.... home and I roasted a chicken with lemon & garlic, leeks, zucchini, onions & red potatoes in our clay pot ... collapsed into bed... Tracy is starting to look pretty good.. he's back down to 235 lbs.!!!  the stockings are helping his agility and his ability to walk!!! Amen, I say!!

Monday, I had all good intentions... Tracy made scrambled eggs & bacon for us... he's stopped taking lasix and he seems sooo much better.  I'm excited to say he's almost back to being Tracy... sense of humor has arrived!!!

I worked most of the day at home... checking in on Tracy and completing lots of work stuff.. and then, the call to Blue Shield... much hold & talk time later, we resolved some more EOB's, BUT only after I faxed ANOTHER authorization signed by Tracy allowing me to do what I have continually done for years...managed our health care.  It's just more BS!!!  Then, the call from our angel, Janell... she figured out how to get Tracy the Neupogen... they ordered it by mail and it will be delivered to our home... go figure!!!  So, I finished up most of my work by about 6:30 and Tracy had heated up the organic soup our neighbor, Debi had brought over and we sat down to dinner.  Dessert was lemon meringue pie by Billy...mmmmmm!!!  Then, caught up on the paper and shower with T, lathered up his almost back to shapely legs and put on his pressure stockings once more...he's sleeping and I'm finally at long last, calling it a night... it's 12:37 AM... all is well here in Rio Del Mar....

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  1. Great about all the progression!!! Humor back? All Right!!!! - and sending continuing streams of White Light, Always - ya know it works! ... XO Di