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Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Tuesday, December 14th

I'm lying in bed with my laptop and Tracy and Riley are snuggled in beside me.  Last night before I went to sleep, I made a list of all the tasks I had to accomplish today, Wed. before the day was done.  I like crossing things off the list as I finish each and every task... very satisfying.  First item:  I was asked to answer 6 questions about my profession for inclusion on an upcoming article in the Santa Cruz County Association of Realtors newsletter.  By answering those questions, I crystalized what my role and my view of the role of the Association is for the community:

1.  I took the Real Estate test in Oct. and started with the Bailey's training in Nov. 2003 and received my license on Jan. 31, 2004.  So, as I see it; I'm starting my 7th year in this wonderful crazy business. (my first full time year in the biz was 2005, because I continued consulting to Yahoo in 2004).   I never have a simple answer...
2.  The top priority for SCCAR in my view is to provide the framework for our profession.  Education, Ethics and Community Leadership are what we stand for.
3.  My favorite Santa Cruz County destination is Hidden Beach.  It's a wonderful stroll from my home and I don't get there often enough.  Another gem is Kuumbwaa Jazz Society.
4.  My advice to new agents is the golden rule... Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.  Become educated in your trade and practice ethically.
5.  My favorite application/gadget is my iPhone.  I love the fact that I can access everything I need from anywhere in the palm of my hand.  Next tool to acquire:  next generation iPad.
6.  The best part of my job is knowing I've helped someone.  I have supreme satisfaction in finding solutions for the puzzle... and life is a puzzle with not just one solution... I live it and love it!!!

So, Tuesday was a very fun day!  I made scrambled eggs and toast for T, filled my to go cup with decaf and almost left on time for my office meeting.  In the rain, you can almost always count on Hiway 1 being a parking lot and I was not disappointed.  So, a bit late but welcomed to a spirited meeting and then, off to tour a new listing with our gang, Vicki, Lorraine, Marilyn & I and we made plans to rendezvous at Cafe Cruz for our own celebration at 1:00.  I rushed off to Costco for staples  (forgot the gatorade) and then, a badly needed body correction by my low impact chiropractor, Cathy Sy... Oh man, is she great!!!  It's amazing how good it feels to be totally adjusted without bone jarring or cracking!!  Lunch was a reverie of relaxing camaraderie with the gals that we all needed and enjoyed thoroughly... 

Home to my hubby & Riley and finally, an evening with just the two of us as we live  the puzzle of our lives...  all is well...

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