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Sunday, December 5, 2010

Today is Sunday, December 5th

As I lie in my much too large bed and listen to the rain hitting the skylight;  I realize what it means to be home... to be truly comfortable and at ease in our space, surrounded by our things, replete with memories and cuddled by our Riley...  I know it's hard for T to be away but he is where he needs to be right now and Stanford needs to keep him this time... I will fight to keep him there until they figure this thing out.  He can't come home until he's better.  Blue Shield do you hear me?!!!  I'll start using everything and everyone I know to accomplish getting what T' needs.

When I arrived home yesterday, I stripped off my clothes, threw everything (T's boxers from the hospital and his pj's) into the washing machine and took a nap.  I kept the laundry going and tried to field some calls.  My wonderful neighbors have been taking care of Riley... walking him and keeping him company...  He even runs every Mon.  @7:30AM with Jogger Judy... thank you one and all!!  

Last night I had dinner with my wonderful friends/neighbors .. I had tried to back out cause I craved a bath and bed but I'm so glad that they prevailed.  They insisted that I could even walk across the street in my pajamas.... course I did wear my slippers...mmm dungeness crab, pasta with pesto sauce and salad... all my favorites and recounting wonderful memories and home in bed asleep very early...  I slept a whole night... uninterrupted cuddling with Riley.

Tracy sounds stronger this morning.  They gave him an appetite stimulant and he ate his dinner.  He says he only had a few hand cramps last night and they used heat packs to help. He's 120 kilos this morning... He's disgusted.  He's not losing any water weight or swelling yet... l want to prick him and let the water drain out.... but we know there's a more scientific way to deal with it... I just hope they do it soon!!!  I'll be heading over to see T later today after the niner game.... keep T in your prayers please....

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