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Saturday, December 4, 2010

Today is Saturday, December 4th

It's 5:00 AM,  21 years ago today, daddy passed away.  I remember it as a blessing at the time for him to transition but very hard for all of us to say good bye.  May he rest in peace with mom and Cenz.

Thursday night was very hard, neither one of us slept but a few hours.  Friday began early with T finally getting control over the diarrhea.  He ate breakfast and started drinking protein drinks and blue gatorade and he seems to be coming back.  He actually has some color.  T has pneumonia & his white cell count is 1.4.  He was told his bone marrow biopsy would be done @2:30 so, after a lite liquid lunch and some persuasion; we strolled to the atrium to hear "Vission Latina" a Cuban salsa 4 some, bongos, stand up bass, piano & flute... they were hot!!!   Two gals from the audience began dancing smooth salsa moves along with a hula hoop!  Turns out one is a Zumba instructor and the other teaches hula hoop...fantastic!!!  They made me want to get up and dance and actually got a few people to join them...

I've never seen a hula hoop used so sensuously....Tracy and I totally enjoyed it... that's what life is...music, dance and celebration!!

The dreaded bone marrow biopsy time was now and I left the scene, rather than faint.  I was too exhausted to leave so, dinner... Carla joined me in the cafeteria and soon after... we'd sleep.  Well, T has had spasms of pain, leg and hand cramps since late this afternoon.... biopsy?  electrolyte imbalance? who knows but we've been up half the night massaging away the cramps, applying heat packs.... I'm gonna have to go home to get some rest after doctor rounds this morning.... love and peace

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