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Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Tuesday, December 21st

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas..da ta da da da... keeps running through my head...Our home has become a warm and cozy refuge with lots of fun Christmas things to look at...there's the stuffed polar bears of all sizes and persuasions on the hearth waiting for a misguided Santa to try and come down our chimney insert to visit and fill our teddy bear stockings...Luxurious creamy white & gold Santa stands all aglow on the bar amongst truffles and sweet mint chocolates and our tree, alight all day now, decorated with many diverse glass ornaments from our collective past... and for awhile, each passing of our happy hound Riley's long whipping tail would annihilate a large glass bulb hanging at the bottom of the tree... Solution:  move the very large ornaments up higher and fasten them on tighter AND  keep the dustpan and broom handy.... after all, the centerpiece carries many back up bulbs...

So, Tracy had had intense night sweats, 5 or 6... he lost count and was pretty worn out on Tues. morning... I marshaled the forces and made breakfast... tried to get him to eat a banana along with his oatmeal but he wasn't having it.... he settled in with the paper and I cruised to my office meeting a little tardy but in time to hear an unsolicited report from a pillar of our real estate family speak from his heart about our brokerage and our profession.  Inspired and energized, I ran to the Mall for a gift for my T (T says he has an excuse this year, I say his fingers aren't broken) before heading to the office.  I had lots on my mind and was able to carve out some time with Robert Bailey, my broker, (a new Blog follower) to discuss them...  I had mentioned the idea of retiring to T and he'd said, "Please, don't!"  he couldn't handle my full time attention and it would drive me crazy not to do what I love....so, lots of ideas tossed around about branding and training and our profession in general and while we were jawing, one of my favorite clients emailed to see if the house he'd made several offers on was still available.... so, we sent another Addendum reiterating the last offer, timing is everything... another offer had come in... we'll see if that one sticks...  Lots of back and forth on my listings and still waiting on an offer for the Corralitos haven...  

The sun had set and Lila was bringing over a dungeness crab & some veggies & bread and since I'd skipped lunch, I was ready for claw snapping and a full glass of red...  T & I showered and watched Zeva and Good Wife while I wrote out some more holiday cards... at long last ...  the soft sounds of rain relaxed our minds and we welcomed sleep...

T & Riley, the Bed Hog

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  1. Awhhh! Riley, always taking care of daddy! So cute, the two of them! XXOO!