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Saturday, December 11, 2010

Friday, December 10th

Friday was another day of work commitments so, Tracy would be on his own until early afternoon.  I made an oatmeal, coffee & juice breakfast tray and T ate in bed.  Getting up and down, walking is tough for my man since his swelling has not significantly reduced...his legs and feet are stretched to the max. So, I asked Linda to pick up his pre-ordered protein drinks from CVS since T was now out and I left my honey in bed with Riley.

I attended my last monthly Board meeting of the Santa Cruz County Association of Realtors.  It was scheduled in conflict with my brokers award meeting for the second year in a row.  Don't know why but there it is... I made a choice to attend the Board meeting this year since I went to the award meeting last year.  I hope these two entities can do a better job of scheduling next year!!!  Somebody should be able to budge...  It was a long and informative meeting.  Committee chairs made their presentations of their accomplishments and suggestions for the new year.  An interesting meeting and the President's last and he extended a gracious offer for all of us to join him for lunch at the Crow's Nest.  I rushed back to the Seacliff Inn but the only people who were left were the Baileys.  So, I missed the entire thing.  Oh well... let's see there are 31 days in the month of December.  Hopefully, this scheduling conflict won't happen again next year!

So, I stopped to see Tracy before I went for lunch.  He was having a hard time getting around... his swelling seems to be a little bit better in his feet but it's still painful for him to walk.  Nevertheless, he's ambulating.... er waddling....

Off to the Crow's Nest and lunch with the Board.  Lots of small talk and getting to know the folks on a personal level.... very nice luncheon and as I said my good byes; I realized how interesting this past year has been.  Lots of twists and turns and hopefully, lots more to come.  I had wanted to chair or co-chair the Grievance Committee but who knows whether I would have been able to handle anything else?  Tracy is my number one priority for the foreseeable future.   Life presents all kinds of challenges and opportunities... we make the choices...  I love what I do and I'm getting better at prioritizing...

When I returned home,  Tracy was watching "The Girl Who Played with Fire" (Netflix instant watch on TV) and I sat down and watched the rest of the movie with him.  I'd already seen it but man, it was good.  We did our thing... we watch a movie and pick apart the inconsistencies or unreal bits... but over all it was very good  and followed the book extremely well.  Time for a protein dinner of pork chops and yams and another early night.  Shared shower and rubbing cream into T's lower legs, ankles and piggies and we drift off to sleep.

Please keep T in your prayers... he seems to be putting on weight which is understandable in a way and oh so frustrating.  He's eating a simple protein rich diet.  His body has to learn to process it again. His albumin (protein) levels have to increase so, that his body processes the food, fuels his tank and hence, stops retaining the liquids...  it's only been a few days and we're impatient for the necessary change...  it took weeks to get him to this point... patience is a virtue we both must learn to embrace...  love to you all and patience...

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  1. Hi Anne Marie & Tracy - still sending lots of love & prayers. Hey - Tracy - you were in my dream yesterday morn. You looked good! A bunch of us were at a mexican restaurant. You walked in - and I said, "it's so good to see you, so glad you can be out. I had stayed away cause I had a tiny cold, so gad you're well enough to be around everyone."

    Hope this is prophetic - and wonder if you were thinking about mexican food????