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Sunday, December 12, 2010

Saturday, December 11th

What a beautiful day on the coast!!!  We slowly ambled out of bed with nothing more pressing than breakfast on our minds.  French toast, bacon, juice and coffee coming right up...push the proteins, a major breakfast is very important for my honey.  I burned the first batch of bacon so, riley got a special treat... can't remember when was the last time I made bacon... but the second batch almost passed the taste test... I'll get it.. that and timing are my trials.  Anyway, T relaxed and we read the paper and somehow I lost my eyeglasses... I only need them for distance so, most of the time they're on the top of my head... well, I must have put them down...somewhere... good news, they have to be in the house... bad news, I have to put my contacts on in order to find them... I probably threw them in the recycle or the trash... that's one way to get a new pair...

So, I had a yearning for Christmas decorations.  I went out to the garage and climbed up on a series of stools and then, onto a cabinet in order to reach the boxes in the rafters that my 6'4" husband could normally reach with nary a blink.  Unfortunately,  I just couldn't reach them all. My arms aren't long enough either... my entire life I've always wanted to be at least 5'5" so, I've worn very high heels... I recall buying spike heels when I first started dating T;  just so, I wouldn't have to break my neck in order to kiss him....  loved the way my legs looked in heels... so, I digress... anyway, my honey followed me out to the garage & finally T climbed up (as I shook in my boots) on the same series of stools and cabinet and we got most of the boxes down, without incident.  Then for the very last few boxes and bags, I enlisted my very tall 6'7"? neighbor, Peter... no problem for him... Ok now what do we do... here comes Linda & Jim.. ahhh the organized Linda assembled the tree as T turned on the Christmas carols and I put out Gouda, Brie & crackers and I attempted to sort out years and years of collected tree trimmings... OMG!  Overwhelmed by the enormity of sifting through the many styles and shapes and memory jogging pieces.. I did what most Italians do.. put the pizza in the oven and broke out the wine... tomorrow is another day....

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