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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Today is Wednesday, November 10th

I met my client & her Contractor this morning at 8AM to go through the house and get an estimate for repairs.  It's a great home and will be a fine investment for my client.  When we were done, she gave me a homemade casserole and apple crisp for my honey...awwww, what a sweetie!

OK so yesterday's good news was Tracy didn't have the virulent bacterial infection... whatever it's called. The bad news today: his white cell count is back down to .5 or negligible... and the rest of his counts aren't so good either so, we mobilized... he was able to have his labs done at our GP's office this morning & later we were notified that he needed treatment.  Thank God, I had taken a break in between, a walk on the beach with Riley before the sh_t hit the fan...on the way home, my hound dog surprised a hen that had escaped it's pen and had wandered into a bush as we strolled down Cliff Dr...good thing Riley knows "Leave it!" cause that hen lived to see another day... Next, I received a call from Bruno's coordinator, Janelle, stating that Tracy needed blood immediately... so, many phone calls later, instead of having to rush to Stanford... we went to Dominican late this afternoon to type & set his blood and we will return tomorrow to get blood & hopefully, if Blue Shield approves, Neupogen, the white cell booster.  Tracy has had little or no appetite, has been sleeping around the clock and looks kinda pasty so, we kinda knew.. living in denial works too,,,but the good news is he'll be treated tomorrow.  I asked Janelle today if Tracy was released too early and why and she said it's the new world of treatment... hospitals and insurance co.'s call the shots....T's numbers were up so, he was out...  I know T would rather be home but it IS worrisome never the less.

Once again, Blue Shield is steering the decisions... calling the shots based on cost rather than the Dr. dictating the treatment.  There is something just SOOOO WRONG with this state of affairs... Now what exactly do we do about it???

Listening to the President's commissioned bipartisan council on how to eliminate the deficit is downright frightening!!!  Cut medicare, social security and raise the retirement age and eliminate the tax breaks for the middle class?  WTF???  This country is leaning so far to the right it's blowing my mind!!!  Why did our President commission this council in the first place?  Who didn't expect this outcome when Alan Simpson is one of the leaders?  Come on... these are basic Democratic principles and yet, we also learned today that the White House is now also leaning towards extending our stay in Afghanistan until 2014!!! WTF????  I'm frustrated and terribly annoyed... Timing is everything...

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  1. I am annoyed too Annie.
    Obama is caving!! and its pissing me off.
    War ->>>>2014.. Give me a break! and if you are not going to tax the wealthy, well then change the law to what they should have been taxed and make it manditory that it go to Charity.. Share it you darn snobs! Isn't the goal here to make this a better place.. someone better start thinking outside the box .. my 2 cents.