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Sunday, November 7, 2010

Saturday & Sunday November 6th & 7th

I missed blogging yesterday... What a day!  At Tracy’s request, I made French toast (mmmm)  for breakfast and then, pulled us together for a trip to Stanford.  It was heavy duty chemo time for T.  Iris, the Irish tormentor, played with T’s sardonic wit for awhile and suggested Mylanta for his upset stomach.  I ran downstairs to the pharmacy and T downed some for some immediate relief.  Meanwhile, I set up appointment times for my clients to view properties from 3 PM on.  T tolerated the changing of the dressing on his PICC line and the chemo reasonably well.  When it was over, my hero and I took the elevator downstairs, retrieved our chariot and traveled towards home.  We were both relieved and T closed his eyes and snoozed awhile.
We stopped at Costco before we got home...for the staples we needed:  doggie treats, kleenex, coffee, creamer, Immodium etc.... T patiently slept with his mask on until we got home... I unloaded the car; grabbed my paperwork and went to the office to meet my punctual clients at 3PM.  Sarah & Jeff are looking for a second home and haven’t decided on exactly what besides an ocean view.  So, we went to Pajaro Dunes first and viewed a condo at Shorebirds and at Pelican Point.  Then, we went to Pleasure Point where we drove through a few neighborhoods and viewed one home.  Next stop, we viewed one home in Seacliff and my listing in Rio Del Mar.  Now Sarah & Jeff will have to decide whether ocean front at Shorebirds or a home in Seacliff or Rio Del Mar is the answer.  Time will tell and we made it all before sunset....
I headed home after a very long day & Linda invited me for dinner and some respite.  T had already fed himself and encouraged me to take a break... and I did.  A few glasses of red, some dinner and home to shower and bed...with my loves... T & Riley..
Thank God for Tracy!!!  He fixed my laptop a few days ago.... I had dropped it twice while in T’s hospital room and everything had ceased working... I couldn’t access Quicken, Word or print anything...  so my hubby undented ? the two corners; loaded Quicken Essentials 2011 and got my laptop back screaming again ....thank God for my frustrated engineer!!!
So today, Sunday, I stripped the bed, loaded the washer & after we shared breakfast this morning  (I made scrambled eggs and  T made pancakes) mmmmm... I got to work on our finances... yay Quicken works and how! and while I finally figured it all out... T watched football and snoozed a little and we listened to the gentle rain...
I’m finally done with my paperwork... I’ve read all inspections for the home in escrow prior to an appt with the buyer tomorrow; read the newspaper and finally feel like I’ve caught up...  Now it’s time to relax after I figure out what we’re going to eat for dinner.... love to all and to all a good night...

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