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Thursday, November 4, 2010

Today is Thursday, November 4th

Today is Thursday... I awoke for the first time in days with a plan.  I will become extremely organized... 24 hour care is unrelenting... I wonder if Tracy was released into my care because he was ready or Blue Shield said “ENOUGH” ...probably as Tracy says “ a combination of both”  in any case... he’s my baby now and that is at times overwhelming...  Yesterday, after a sleepless night while T was fighting a fever; we traveled to Stanford for a 7:30 AM appt.... OMG!  We hit traffic all the way...it took about 15 min. just to go from the 17 connector to 85 without an HOV lane... I don’t know how people cope on a daily basis.... anyway, Tracy wasn’t feeling well and I was just managing... T had major stomach cramps & diarrhea by the time we hit Stanford... so, valet parking was a God send and T made it to the bathroom unblemished.  Bruno & company revealed what we feared.  T had contracted a major infection in his intestine CPD?  a virulent pest and another course of antibiotics was prescribed.... anything that would relieve T’s pain would be heaven sent...  So, after admonishments:  everything T wears or touches must be washed, bed linens & towels changed daily, absolutely bland food.. no dairy, spice, carbs or fiber (which basically eliminates anything with any taste)... we headed back home to bed with me shaking my head the whole way to stay awake...  we crawled into our unchanged bed with Riley and slept until T’s stomach was growling... he wanted scrambled eggs so, fluffy ‘no-salt’ salted semi-soft eggs with toast were served up... with as much juice and water as possible... he ate and drank mass quantities of liquids and at last, I was satisfied...the simply gorgeous sunset and the sound of the high surf quieted our souls...  his temperature was just a little higher than norm for the next few hours and we were wishing and hoping the pain would go away... dinner was plain white soft long grained rice with soy...T wouldn’t eat the broccoli or carrots but T seemed to keep it down; I changed the bed linens and towels after we shared the shower and watched some mindless TV...  his temp was  under 100.3 and that’s all I cared about.... it’s funny how life can be reduced down to the simple things that matter.
This morning we awoke to a gorgeous sunrise and T has no pain!!!   It’s all working! I’m off to tour the newest listings while T rests with Riley by his side...

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  1. Well it's apparent that after this bland food hiccup, Tracy's going to have to take advantage of his new "lack of snowfall on the mountain" or "deforestation in the higher regions ". Keep the hat handy, it's going to be a "little chilly on the roof" for awhile. I'm thinking a new Star Trek series.....why not....... it's been done before.

    As I remember " beaming up" has never been a problem and he's taller than the Klingons. Case closed!!!!!!!!