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Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Today is Tuesday, November 2nd

Tracy leaving his Stanford room

Michael giving T a new 'do'

Michael & T

The last two days have been a blur.  Yesterday we eased into our day...  we slept in our bed with Riley and awoke to a new day.  We had a great day to look forward to together... Thank you Mike Detrich for coming so quickly to reseat & seal the toilet that T had knocked off its base during the night... I had turned to Tracy and asked him whom to call and he'd said wryly... me... but not this time..... don't know what we would have done without you, Mike....

 After a trip to my chiropractor,  I came home to have lunch with T and then, met with the dog whisperer and company to strategize our deal and then, home to meet our hair stylist and friend, Michael Bardo.  Tracy’s painful locks are no more... except for a curly strand I saved....
We ate dinner and watched the last game of the World Series... the amazing win of the World Champion Giants over the Texas Rangers!!!!
Tracy & Riley
Today I overslept, fed Tracy breakfast and took off running... after my sales meeting, I VOTED, back to eat lunch with T and off to Watsonville to show some wonderful homes in the Adult Village... picked up our rents and home to find my T chatting with the neighbors... he was sitting on the outside staircase sans shoes, mask or hat.... my defiant, obstinate, stubborn and quite wonderful hubby... 
We go back to Stanford tomorrow morning for a 7:30 AM chemo session and 10:30 AM appointment with Bruno & co.  Stay tuned... 

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  1. Hey Bro, for once my hair is longer than yours! I wish I could shave my head too, I hate to mess with hair. You look awesome! Take is slow and easy and follow orders you silly boy. Kiss Riley and AM for me. xoxo