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Thursday, November 4, 2010

Not Done Yet!!!

I can't help but wonder what the Democrats were thinking.  It seems like nobody has been listening... the heart of this country elected Obama because they wanted change...they’re tired of the gridlock... the lack of compromise between two diametrically opposed parties... and so, the tea party was born... they opposed everything and they were very loud and present about it.  The fact that Obama never made a point of the fact that it was Bush’s bail out to begin with was a huge error.  The fact that as the bailout unfolded while Obama’s administration took office; there weren’t any restraints put on the banks as to how to use those bail out funds was an even larger misstep.  Obama expected them to do the right thing... use the funds to bail out the mortgage holders, keep people in their homes.  Instead, the banks bought other banks, invested in other countries and basically, ignored the very people who insured that they would stay in business. Then, we bailed out Wall St... again without any stipulations as to how to use those bail out funds... and what we saw was Wall St. paying themselves huge bonuses for failed performance and nothing that could possibly satisfy a real investment by this country.  Too big to fail... I don’t know... isn’t that why anti-trust laws were enacted?  So, this dilemma has been talked about ad nauseum... but did anyone “get it”?  
The tea party was born out of frustration and fueled by the Koch bros. and other controversial yet under the radar groups who have an outrageous agenda.  They have been plotting for years and seeding what sounds like innocuous educational and political groups to do their dirty work... they have funded all kinds of slanted research groups and polls and talking heads to divert the energy of the masses.... they have reaped what they have sown and they’re not done...  You think O’Donnell was a laughable spectacle... watch closely... there’s plenty more to come....  this election portends lots more spectacles that aren’t so laughable...  
I say to hell with compromise... slam thru some legislation that makes sense and the Republicans be damned for filibustering... stop catering to the uncompromising and do the right thing!!!  Does anyone think that a bill that ensures that grandma isn’t abused is a bad thing?.  Push it through right now with this lame duck Congress... don’t let anyone stop meaningful change... Next year is a new year and we still have time to show what we’re made of.

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