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Friday, November 19, 2010

Catching up Wed. & Thurs. November 17th & 18th

“Life is just a bowl of obbleyocky with a stuffamoygin on the side”... Cenz used to repeat that a lot... 
We jammed packed Wednesday ... starting with fighting traffic all the way to Stanford (a 3 car accident on Hiway 1 & a 4 car on 85) turning an hour trip into two.  T had his labs and then, we went to see Bruno et al.  Dr. Vidal (gorgeous, jovial, fun loving smile, beautifully bald, light brown, medium height man) quizzed us on T’s progress and he was concerned over T’s distended stomach and swollen ankles as he admired T’s beret.  So, we related all the stuff of the last week as I asked what his white cell count was... I think I froze cause all of a sudden, I heard what sounded like 9 and I asked that he repeat what he’d said.  9!!!!!  Normal is 4-11; so imagine our shock!  We continued answering questions a little bit giddy... tired, spacey and happy but neither one of us asked much... then, Bruno arrived as always confident, suave and very cute... that’s when we heard REMISSION!!!!  OMG!!!  I think I went into full on deer in headlights mode... I heard what Bruno was saying but I forgot what to ask...Bruno was perturbed because altho’ we’d gotten the results he’d wanted; we had complicated the mission.  T had been eating dairy which was irritating his bowels and stomach. That would have to  delay the start of treatment until next Wed..  Bruno kept repeating, “It’s dietary!!!” & he probably wanted to add... you morons!!!
Timing is everything and T needs to stop all dairy intake to ward off the ill effects so, that the treatment can start... What is the treatment?  I haven’t a clue but we’re gonna find out next Wed.
So, with Bruno’s admonitions to stop eating any butter, cream cheese, cheese... anything from a cow... he encouraged Tracy to celebrate with meat, chicken, pasta etc... even a glass of wine (as Bruno said...” there’s no dairy in it” )... be careful around people... yes visitors.. no ill or exposed to illness visitors and a few at a time...
We walked out of the clinic... a little dazed and T went for an X-ray of his stomach.  Then we strolled over to the cafeteria and picked up some grilled chicken burgers, a root beer and ate while we listened to a wonderful Brazilian jazzy samba combo in the atrium.  
Off to Sunnyvale to check on my new listing and then, we fought the traffic coming home to our blessed oasis by the sea.
We were both exhausted... T was able to take a nap... I was over tired and couldn’t so, I sat with our drawerful of EOB’s (explanation of benefits) and bills and matched them all up.... Blue Shield at it’s best.... until T awoke a bit crabby and I blew cooking our dinner.  For the first time in perhaps 30 years, I undercooked the linguine and made a tasteless dish out of T’s comfort food... T was cranky and said “couldn’t you get it right?” and I replied that I was human and that was it for the night. I made sure he got a shower and his meds, but I was hurt and never said another word... After a mostly sleepless night for me, he apologized.  
Thurs. was another jammed packed day... I had my pearly whites cleaned first thing and proceeded to the office to process disclosures etc. and kill a few more trees (computers were ‘sposed to make us paperless... yah right!).  Then, Vicki and I tooled through the rest of our broker’s tour... we stopped at our favorite westside nursery during the lunch break just to see and smell some beautiful flowers and things.... and it made for an interesting mix of new listings and quite a day.  I finally went home after a couple more hours of paperwork and made dinner for my honey... grilled pork chops wrapped in bacon, couscous and yams  and made it a very early evening... I was in bed and asleep by 9:30 and ready for some wonderful dreams....  

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