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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Catching up Monday & Tuesday, November 15th & 16th

Monday was a blur... spoke with my Corralitos clients briefly about the offer we received Sunday evening and made a pact to see them upon our return late this afternoon.  Contacted several clients re new listings, Chiropractor and then, home for lunch with T.  Next stop, Stanford for the dreaded bone marrow biopsy...  I feel like the torturer at times... my hero T just plain didn’t want to go... I’ve lost count of how many bone marrow biopsies T has had but there is a scar for each and every one on his back side and nightmares to boot.  My brave husband survived the onslaught and we made our way home... My caring clients postponed our meeting until Tuesday @ 9:00AM (graciously postponing their Tues. trip departure by an hour)... we all agreed that the spirit was willing but I needed a break...
After dinner,  (still looking for suggestions cause T has totally lost his appetite) I put an offer together for Janet & Mike and emailed it to them and at long last, called it a night.
Tuesday... after breakfast with T....off to Corralitos where we put together a very clean counter offer... almost made it back for the end of our staff meeting... but luckily caught up with Lorraine for a few minutes for girl talk and some appetite stimulating snack recipes... back to the office to process Janet’s offer, the Corralitos counter and stay on top of the rest of my biz... 
My T is miserable... he’s been sick for several days now...aches and pains and cramps and loss of appetite... no fever thank God, but we’re hoping for good news tomorrow so, keep him in your prayers...the last time he felt this bad was several weeks ago, in the hospital and the culprit was his rising white cell count... and then he was released... that’s a good thing...


  1. BRIGHT White Light - Good news comming today!!!!!

  2. Rick's offer of veggie soup doesn't expire. *Please* don't hesitate to call (or email, text, smoke signals, etc.)

  3. Annie, a wonderful Protein snack to make are deviled eggs... good for a breakfast on the go and snack food throughout the day ....
    get your protein Trac...!!!! I make them, they keep in the fridge for days!!

  4. We want an update!! We wwant an update!!
    Goooo Uncle T, love Maren and the menagerie