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Sunday, November 14, 2010

Today is Sunday, November 14th

Oh how wonderful it was to sleep an entire night!  We took a walk around the block this morning...masked T, Riley and I and returned home to French toast, juice and coffee.  What a beautiful morning and such a gorgeous clear day on the coast!!  The best antidote for depression...a walk on a glorious day in Rio Del Mar.
 I held an open house out in Corralitos this afternoon and it was very successful... it was one of those absolutely clear days and the view was spectacular all the way to Monterey!!! My clients tuned in the niners game for me and I caught most of the action in between visitors.  Everyone loved the home that viewed it and we received an offer this evening... I will meet with my clients tomorrow to go over it after we return from Stanford.  Tracy has another bone marrow biopsy Mon. afternoon.  Wed. will be results time.  T has had a Neupogen shot every day since Thurs.  Keep your fingers crossed and your prayers coming...
Thank you our friends for reading my blog.  Although I’d love to talk to all of you personally; it’s become impossible.  I have my hands full with Tracy’s care and feeding, keeping bedding & towels changed, clothes washed and trying to keep up with my business.  Tracy has priority but we are making room for business... it is my respite and it will keep us fiscally sound and mentally healthy.  The fact is every time someone calls and wants to know what’s going on, I’m forced to relive our ordeal again and again... it’s enough living it the first time...believe me.  I know you’d all like to help and you’re concerned but if you keep up with my blog that would be the biggest help of all.  
I’m peddling as fast as I can... and we’re gonna make it!!! 

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  1. A&T,

    Been keeping up with the happenings on the blog site...it's wonderful. I know that we sometimes wonder how we make it through certain ordeals, but with the perserverance, faith and the strength from those we love, we somehow make it through. Your in my prayers everyday.
    Much love to you both,
    Di H.