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Friday, November 26, 2010

Today is Friday, November 26th

We awoke to a gorgeous clear day on the coast... my leg pains were gone and Tracy had had a night of light sweats with his stomach intact.  We decided to call Stanford, preemptively avoiding being scolded, to inform the doctors that Tracy had had some night sweats and that the antibiotics were tearing up his stomach.  I suggested that we separate the pills, one with breakfast and the other with dinner.  Dr. Dunn, the doctor on call, said she felt comfortable eliminating one of the super drugs and that has boded better for T today.  The blood culture isn't back yet and we feel it's a day of rest.

Off to the chiropractor, the library and Safeway to load up on liquids for T... root beer, ginger ale, 7-up and gatorade. 

I called my Aunt Etta, mom's twin sister who celebrated her 97th birthday yesterday.  She was full of good cheer.  Her voice is exactly like my mom's...they were identical although my mom was more petite... sometimes I imagine it is my mom again... I guess you never get over that yearning to hear their reassurances and that all encompassing feeling of unconditional love...

 Turkey sandwich for lunch and then, time for a nap for all...  Dinner was an open faced hot turkey, stuffing slathered with gravy sandwich, cranberry oozing out all over & T's favorite root beer to complete the perfect picture of serenity... we cuddled by the fireplace, reading while listening to our favorite jazz station until it was time to call it a night.... 

Thank you for a day of peace!!!

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