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Monday, November 22, 2010

Sunday, November 21st

What a storm!!!!  Poor Riley couldn't have snuggled any closer.  rolling thunder and lightning.. amazing that we never lost power!  I learned that my Sunnyvale trip wouldn't be happening and that was a good thing since mid-day brought sheets of rain and hail too...  I kept thinking about canceling my open house but since it was advertised, I went ahead & was totally soaked putting out the signs... and lo and behold, there was a steady stream of visitors & neighbors all afternoon.  The sun even came out as I met my clients to show them a Seacliff craftsman beauty...  

I had been checking on T all afternoon as I checked on the niners score... apparently the niners never showed up...  T was hanging in his slug station.. Gatorade, newspaper, TV remote, non-stop football, wrapped in Mom's handmade crocheted throw and Riley right by his side.  

T was not feeling great when I arrived home so, Kombucha green tea and some chicken broth and rice at least helped a little.  We may call the gastroenterologist in the morning... we'll see how he does.  

More paperwork and at long last sleep for the weary....  tomorrow is truly a new day!

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  1. Tracy, I hope your belly feels better soon;)
    All I can say is REMISSION OMG! GREAT!