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Thursday, November 11, 2010

Today is Thursday, November 11th

Due to sheer tenacity and endless phone calls; Italian hard headed will and Janell's undaunting skill; we prevailed with Blue Shield today.  I picked up 8 Neupogen pre-loaded syringes ($655 per shot but free to us since we satisfied our huge deductible) at Walgreen's in Santa Cruz. BS (isn't that appropriate?) wouldn't allow for the shots to be administered at a Dr's office (too expensive); so we had to administer it ourselves.   Tracy gave himself the shot...thank God!  I have to turn the other way when they take my blood... can you imagine me trying to give T the shot?  Well he couldn't either.  So, he gave himself the shot in his stomach (the fatty area)... said he'd watched enough times to be able to do it himself...all is well...   

Tracy will prevail and we talked at length about the fact that we will share more... I don't have to do it all.  I love what I do and as long as it's a respite, it works.   What we can do is be smarter about everything.  I could have left T today at the hospital had I realized it would take 5 hours for the blood infusion... he was in good hands and slept thru it all.  Next time I'll ask.  

Working smarter, recruiting Janell for aid and taking the time to get what we need from Blue Shield (meaning spending whatever time it takes on the phone to get what we need) will net us help and peace of mind.  Since Tracy is still neutrapenic; the introduction of anyone else at home isn't worth the risk.  We thank you all from the bottom of our hearts... stay tuned we may need your help yet... right now send prayers and healing light... thank God we enjoy each others company and I know when to turn on a comedy for relief...exactly what I did when we got home today... tuned out the world and tuned in to some slapstick comedy... good for the soul.


  1. You are my go to b-4 coffee these days for an update. Thanks so much for the updates - Tracy your in my thoughts always. Im with Annie - I have to turn the other way to give blood...good going - you gotta do what you gotta do!

  2. Oh, so glad you got the shots approved!! Good Day!!
    Tracy your my hero. Lets just call you Dr. McAvoy now!!!

    It's a pitty the suposably great nation we live in, you have to become your own doctor!

    sending love and prayers your way always!!
    Love Di