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Sunday, November 7, 2010

Blue Shield Part dieux

Do they ever get it?  Or is it that they hope that we'll finally just give up?

I spent a very frustrating Friday afternoon trying to ascertain why, who and what Blue Shield group had been continually calling Tracy, identifying themselves as a Case Manager for T.  For several weeks, they'd left a few garbled messages for Tracy, as if they were calling from a cell phone.  Since T was in the hospital ( and Blue Shield certainly should be aware of that!!!!), I ignored the calls.  Then, finally, I answered the phone on Fri.  She said "Hello, Ms. Tracy McAvoy"  I said yes and then, I realized that she thought she was speaking to Tracy.  I corrected her and explained that no, I was in fact, his wife.  She ( I never did get her name) insisted that she had to speak to Tracy, who was napping.   She continued to say that her purpose was to see if Tracy needed any additional help or care... so, I proceeded to say that we certainly could use some help; in fact household help (she actually said they could assist with that) since I am a Realtor and have to work in order to pay their premiums.  She said she had to speak to Tracy and I explained that I was authorized to speak for T and the stupid cow replied that she had no such authorization.  As I protested that I'd faxed a five page document about 3 weeks ago to Blue Shield and that, if given her fax line; I'd be happy to fax it to her immediately..... the line went dead...  I waited for a call back which never came.  After I'd fed my honey a late lunch and eaten something myself... I called the main Customer Service line for Blue Shield.  I asked about how I could contact this mysterious Case Manager and the Customer Service person had no idea what I was talking about.  She claimed I'd called Blue Shield last Tues. (which I most certainly did not); I asked to speak to her Manager and only after leaving me on terminal hold for 20 min. did she claim her Manager was in a meeting and the mysterious Case Manager could be a vendor trying to contact us.  Long story short.... no answers and no apparent help!!!!  and the elusive Case Manager has not called us back... can't wait for that to happen!!!!  Blue Shield there will be another day!!!

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