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Saturday, November 27, 2010

Today is Saturday, November 27th

AI YI YI!!!  Tracy had a terrible night.  I called Stanford at 8AM and spoke with Dr. Dunn again... I said, "I'm back"... my instructions were to get T to the nearest emergency room asap because he needed fluids quickly.  Scrambled eggs and toast, gathered up my laptop, book for T, crocheting and away we go...

We were at Dominican Hospital by 10:15 and in a room in the ER by 10:30... T's blood pressure was elevated and he was running a temperature.... after history was taken, T was put on an IV for fluids and multiple draws for tests, cat scan, EKG... when I pointed out that T's ankles were severely swollen,  T chided "usually he had such dainty ankles" ... T's white cell count was now .75 (how did that happen????) and the edict was that T would go by ambulance to Stanford.  

This is a nightmare that we can't seem to wake up from.... 

I ran home and returned in 40 min. with T's mask (he was now officially neutrapenic) and a bag with T's hospital needs...(underwear, iPod & speaker, razor, slippers, books, batteries etc.) and in my absence: 180 degree turn around... the doctors had decided that T would be admitted to Dominican.  I became momma bear... T hadn't eaten anything since breakfast... he had acid stomach... mylanta? he was thirsty... you want a stool sample ...give him something to eat or drink... so, apple juice and there you have it...  now his white cell count is .5  WTF???

So, finally I went to the cafeteria to get food for both of us.  The only thing that was available at 4:00PM was the salad bar... wouldn't work for neutrapenic Tracy so, I had tuna fish and went back to T's room.  He'd been given saltines and juice.  I left another message for food and T evicted me... I was crazed and went home to Riley, a hot bath, a weird movie, several glasses of wine and a phone call to T....Tracy was served a full dinner at 5:00 by the head nurse who T described as a very severe nun who proclaimed that it was unacceptable that he'd had to wait so long for food....YAHOO!!!!    ....soon, very soon...sleep... 

All is well and I miss my T man.... sleep tight...


  1. Aunt AM, thank you so much for the updates. There is no other way to put this but it SUCKS! I feel so bad T is so sick and you are so stressed. I wish I was closer to help you both. Are all of these problems this weekend from pneumonia? I love you guys!!! Maren

  2. Dear Maren, T is getting better... we think the chemo has many side effects and pneumonia and diarrhea are some of them...love you!!! Aunt Anne