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Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Today is Tuesday, November 9th

OK so, I'm entitled to some low days and this was one of them for me... pressures got to me... good news is I went to my office meeting this morning and then, worked from home.  I finally got to curl up with T late this afternoon, actually I joined my boys, T & Riley...... I spoke with Stanford several times and was able to arrange for T to have his labs done here at our GP's office tomorrow instead of going back to Stanford again this week... Yay!!  We do return to Stanford on Mon. for T's next bone marrow biopsy and then, an appointment with Bruno on Wed... that's enough...

What's worried me for days and finally,  the best news:  we've been given a breath of fresh air!  T does not have the deadly infection... he is fighting something but the tests done clarified that it wasn't that horrible CPD?  He's having a low day too, hardly ate anything for dinner but that's understandable too... Zeva and the Good Wife and sleep... for tomorrow is another day....

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  1. I'm too dumb to know what CPD is, but it sounds like a very good thing that Tracy doesn't have it. Still sending white light his way from here in the heartland!