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Saturday, November 20, 2010

Friday, November 19th

Friday started with a 9:00 meeting with my friend/client Lila and Willis Bailey, the contractor going over what needed to be bid for the home in escrow.  We had lost 10 days waiting for the original contractor’s bid.  Lots of phone calls later ...the good news is we have the bid and depending on negotiations, this 1031 exchange will close by 11/29th to preserve Lila’s mortgage rate lock.  Then, off to see Michael for my monthly update.... my caring stylist informed me that I’m losing my hair.... no stress here...
Meanwhile Tracy was still having stomach problems but insisted no appt with a gastroenterologist just yet.  T seems worse in some ways because food doesn’t appeal and he has a constant tummy ache.  Reality:  it’s only been since Wed. that we’ve restricted his dairy intake so, I imagine it will take a few days.
Soup for dinner and T and I managed to watch a funny movie and after our shower were in bed very early...

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