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Saturday, November 13, 2010

Today is Saturday, November 13th

I love the sheer obstinate nature of the number 13.  Friday, the 13th is generally a lucky day for me.  I don’t know whether it will work for me today...  
I never blogged yesterday... It was a full day.  I happily attended our monthly Board meeting at the Association... I felt like I contributed and that was a really good feeling...so different from the care giver role.  
I needed gas and I was energized.  Off to Costco... dog food, Ensure, apple juice, coffee and home to my honey... I’d pestered him while I was gone; asking if we needed peanut butter and such; but really just checking in.  Upon arrival;  I made lunch and decided to put those gorgeous eggplants into service. ..walla:  eggplant parmigiana...one for tonight and one for the freezer.   I only hope T can eat it.  
Right about cocktail hour;  Jim blew his horn and we, masked T, Riley & I, made the trip across the street.  T is a social being and he’s been sequestered for a month now... he decided to chance it.... when he was tired we went home.  I made fettucine with eggs and T ate a fair share... we showered and went to bed to watch a stupid movie and I instantly fell asleep... only to awake at 2:30AM  and nightmares I didn’t want to complete kept me reading until 5:30AM  changing T’s shirts to try and keep him dry.
Now it’s the 13th...   Changing sheets and towels and washing clothes, CVS for meds and home to try and get T to eat something... time for a funny movie....

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