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Thursday, November 25, 2010

Thanksgiving Day, November 25th

Today I am thankful for family, friends, Tracy and Riley....energy, sunshine, rain and the prospects of the future with my honey feeling no pain...

I rolled out of bed with a game plan...21 lbs. of turkey in the oven and cooked so, that we'd eat by 1:30...  oh boy, that means work it!  So, oven set to 350 degrees, coffee maker perking away, juice downed with vitamins, food processor chopping up carrots, onions and celery for the bottom of the turkey pan and then, I just went for it... what the hey...stuffing...no recipe but there it was... waiting... cornbread croutons, celery, carrots, onions, cranberries, an orange, herbs...and butter... washed the turkey after I emptied out all the crevices (one year I actually forgot to take out the bag of giblets) and rubbed butter all over (ok so, I cheated but margarine just didn't seem right)  and left pats of butter under the skin and stuffed that baby.. this turkey wasn't going to be dry on my watch!  In the oven at 7:38 AM breast side up for 2 1/2 hours under foil...basting, basting, basting... as my kitchen started filling with smoke, I realized that this very large turkey was dribbling on the bottom of the oven and it was burning ...I am very thankful for the great exhaust fan we have at times like these...  so, I turned that turkey over and the smoke stopped and the aroma was tantalizing...,mmmm  .. meanwhile,   oatmeal for our breakfast, set the table and started the cranberry orange sauce...  stripped the bed cause T had a couple of night sweats and dressed.... everything was ready and Lila arrived with flowers and her world famous stuffing to go in the oven...wow!  She stayed for a couple minutes and then, Sue & Evelyn (our wonderful Riley loving neighbors who care for him when we can't), and the gorgeous girls, Carla & Hayley all arrived bearing mashed potatoes, salad, green beans & bacon, and homemade cookies, cranberry bread and cupcakes.  What a feast!!!    

I am truly thankful for a day of normalcy... thank you God!!  thank you my friends and thank you my family for all your loving support!!!

Sue, Evelyn, Tracy, Carla & Hayley

Hayley, Carla and me

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