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Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Catching up again Mon, Tues, Wed. Nov.22-24th

Monday was a blur.. lots of catch up plus cash for keys program worked beautifully for my new listing.  Poor gal hit a bad stretch... her mom had had a spinal cord accident in the Philippines where there isn't any health insurance and bribery is how things get taken care of.  Never realized that we had it sooo good!  T had held his own all day and after we ate dinner; I spent the evening working on getting my 1031 exchange back on track.

Tuesday,  after a largely sleepless night because I was uncomfortable with the deal we'd struck; I doubled down and finally, my client was satisfied and happy.  Hours of paperwork and then, she signed off her documents so, we will close by the 30th.  Unfortunately,  the Corralitos deal wasn't to be.  Sometimes there's just no way... still waiting to hear on Mike & Janet's home... at least it's in the system...that's a good thing!

Tracy was down in the dumps... his ankles were very swollen and he had severe chills before we went to sleep.  We made a list of the things we needed to speak to the doctors about: hand cramps, shivering & trembling, swelling, treatment?  We took an early shower after dinner and got into bed.

Today, Nov. 24th is our 15th anniversary!  A memorable day for us... we'll have time to celebrate when we beat this thing...

We made it to the hospital in under an hour today. but it seemed like we kept taking one step forward and two steps back.  Dr. Michael Koontz took T through the discovery process.  Scolded again.  We should have called when T had the first bout of the chills... it's just that he's done that for years so, neither one of us thought to call.  So, the bad news is that T has pneumonia.  His white cell count is up to 20... not good....He had so many labs done today for all kinds of reasons and he was down.. T's now on two different mega doses of antibiotics which are really tough on the tummy so, they must be taken with food.  8 hours later we left Stanford's Cancer Center... Tracy had been poked, prodded, hydrated and warned that if the blood test came back positive (results in 24-48 hours) he'd have to be re-admitted.  So, finally we made it home by 7 PM.  Kombucha tea, chicken broth with rice and my T was asleep at last.  Lucky for us, Lila offered to make our stuffing for tomorrow cause I'm too tired to tackle it... tomorrow is another day!

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