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Monday, November 8, 2010

Today is Monday, November 8th

My honey is truly alive today!  We awoke this morning with Riley prodding us to get out of bed and start this day... Unbelievable!  For the first time in weeks, Tracy slept all night without sweating through his clothes... we both had a solid night's sleep... T seems to be better... he hasn't had diarrhea for a day and a half, no vomiting and no fever either!!!  So, first thing this morning... mask, warm-ups and flip-flops for Tracy, even tho' I protested... Riley led the way for a 3 bag stroll around the block... T loved being outside in the early morning sun and the coast loves him back!!!   Back for a breakfast of French toast and both newspapers and then,  a little snooze for my honey.  I left for the chiropractor, a quick stop at Trader Joe's and on to meet my client at 2:00.  T told me he had no intention of answering the phone; so, I didn't try... he had Kara's soup to heat for lunch and I looked forward to seeing him for dinner... Tracy is back... I do believe whatever they throw at him...virulent chemo, tests, biopsies...whatever... he's here to stay... he's even starting to eat stuff...I came home from the office at 6:00 and he was heating some pot stickers to eat... my incorrigible, obstinately wonderful and slightly crazy man is back!!!  When we go to Stanford on Wed.; we hope to hear that T's infection is over... we can only hope....

BTW:  Thank you all for your calls, cards, emails, dinner offers and generosity of spirit... we've had wine, baguettes, crackers & cheese, sunflowers (T's favorite), flowers, cards, jelly beans left at our front door..  YOU are our family and we thank you one and all!!!!  Gotta go... the dryer is done and T is watching "Cops"  instead of dubya... makes sense to me....

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  1. Tracy, So glad to hear you are doing so well..and feeling yourself....We keep praying for you everyday! Know that! Good luck tomorrow and we looking forward to hearing NO more infection!!

    I love the pics annie posts with Riley... he loves his daddy!
    Keep on Keepin on my Friend!!!!!!
    Love Di