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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Today is Wednesday, June 29th

It's been 8 months with lots of trials and lots of twists and turns and certainly some significant wins for our Tracy.  He's tired but his spirit is still willing and that's a relief.  My man has several days ahead of doctors visits and we still have to root out the cause of this horrible rash which seems to have spread some more, to find the way to cure it.  We're thinking that T started Dapsone about the same time he started the Methotrexate.  We wanted to pin it on the Dapsone but I think we may have been wrong.  Could it have been the Methotrexate?  Tomorrow we'll see the Dermatologist in the morning... maybe she'll have some answers.  The worry I have is that his body is soo depleted, he just doesn't have the ability to heal this rash.  Hopefully, the professionals will figure it out and rid his poor skin of these red angry blotches everywhere.  He's coming around.  I only hope his counts are too.  We see Dr. Wu tomorrow afternoon after labs and maybe he won't need blood....  Fri. is our trip to see Bruno.  Do we hear a well earned break?????

Our all day strategy session with the Santa Cruz County Association of Realtors today was very fruitful and I'm a tired girl... we worked through goals and came up with tactical methods to make some effective changes.  I've accepted the fact that I enjoy my role as a Director and Tracy takes precedence with my business coming next.  Hopefully,  we'll take a real break over the next few weeks.

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