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Monday, June 13, 2011

Today is Sunday, June 12th

We were on our way after breakfast this morning.  Stanford here we come...  Thank goodness T only needed his Neupogen shot so, we were there only a couple hours.  I overheard  another couple talking about the same thing.  She needed her Neupogen shot and their insurance was dragging their feet.  I hope BS sees the light tomorrow.  Unfortunately, with the delay in billing, they may not see the error of their ways quickly.  I walked around a bit today cause I'm finding it hard to just sit and wait.  Hopefully, we won't need to go back on Tues.  I was enjoying the break from the Stanford run and building up my stamina.

Allen delivered 2 huge zucchini from his garden yesterday.  So, I made ciambotta ... garlic, onion, potatoes, zucchini and I threw in red bell pepper and garbanzo beans ( T was low in magnesium).  I sent some over to Allen & Evelyn & I enjoyed it.  T not so much.  Oh well.  He'd had a half of a bologna sandwich when we left Stanford and another half when we got home.  I think it was too early for him.

I realized tonight that T hasn't had any episodes in several weeks.  That's truly amazing!!! We've lived with the terrible sweats, vomiting and the chills for so long and I can't believe we didn't notice they were gone!!!  I don't want to jinx this BUT OMG!!!!

Keep thinking positively...

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