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Saturday, June 11, 2011

Today is Saturday, June 11th

Strange day... weather was questionable all day but warm with a little wind.  I felt strange too... kind of like I was fighting something...achy & hot to shivering so, I stayed away from T and tried to just relax.  I've been cooking this week... roasted fresh halibut on a bed of sliced onions and tomatoes with a topping of sliced red bell pepper & a side plate of individually washed romaine spears, avocado & tomatoes sprinkled with caesar dressing. mmmm.... and the presentation was beautiful...T even commented on it.  I've found that the way something looks & smells often affects how T responds and determines whether he'll eat it.  So I'm working on it...just not today.   After I bathed Riley this morning,  I made scrambled eggs for breakfast with fresh squeezed orange juice and coffee.   But after I cooked some artichokes this afternoon, I lost my desire to cook or really do anything.  All I wanted & needed was some down time.  Stanford really saps my strength and we're going back again tomorrow.  Blue Shield has to authorize T's Neupogen soon.  It's costing them twice as much to have T get his shots at Stanford.... not to mention what it's doing to us...

 It's Deb & Di's birthdays today... Deb's birthday dinner was tonight at Cafe Cruz but the seating was at 8:15... I realized that I just didn't have it in me to go... I was feeling guilty but tomorrow morning I'm back at Stanford again.  I just knew I couldn't make it.  I look forward to the time when T & I are able to participate in celebrating life again... keep a good thought...

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