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Thursday, June 9, 2011

Today is Thursday, June 9th

Started with a trip to the dermatologist this morning... was 'sposed to be my visit because I have a recurring spot on my face but T now has a rash all over his body which started about 2 weeks ago with one spot on his torso.  Now it's everywhere including a new spot under his goatee that appeared last night.  So, I decided after I'd worried myself sick and tried calling Stanford that I'd just take T along to see the Doctor.  If she didn't have time, she could check out only T's rash  but just maybe she could see me too.  Well, she had a heart and saw us both, altho' I do have to go back next week.  T's rash is Pityriasis Rosea, a benign skin outbreak usually as a result of a virus that occurred awhile back....

After the trip to the Dr. I started working on the Neupogen refill again.... so, at this point, there's no good news.  No refill yet and no way to get a dose on time.  I just hope after a week of fighting that they'll come through.  The alternative is to go to Stanford.   Ai yi yi

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