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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Today is Tuesday, June 22nd

Thank you for your comments!!! Tracy loves to hear from you!!  I realize I haven't let you all know that for awhile, but I read them to him and he smiles....

Life is good.  Long day yesterday at Dominican cause T needed 2 units of blood but he's better.   Home, set a chicken pot pie in the oven for him and went to book club without any worry.  What a hoot!  We made our own pizzas...  Nadine had picked up dough and laid it out with tomato sauce and various toppings were there for the picking... prosciutto, sausage, olives, onions, pesto, anchovies...drank some wine, ate pizza and talked about "Assassination Vacation" while we sat out on the deck and enjoyed the view and the company... Sally renamed us the Cackling Hens...I love it!!

Went to my office meeting this morning and enjoyed hearing the latest on short sales...sort of.  Got to spend tour and lunch time with my buddy, Lorraine... home to T.   Tonight's support group meeting was a feel good walk through my reactions and emotions and a chance to voice new possibilities...  Life is unfolding.

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