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Saturday, June 4, 2011

Today is Saturday, June 4th

Another rainy day on the coast.  It was coming down in sheets with no let up.  Where does all this water come from?  I don't know but I'm sure we've had enough... sort of reminds me of all the biblical stories portending the end of the world... fires, floods, famine and chaos.... not the Rapture!

So, T finally got some relief today... backed up for a week and lots of different meds... It's amazing how different meds can cause different reactions.  I feel like we've hit the mother lode in terms of support and care from PAMF and Dr. Wu's office.  Now, if we have a question,  we get answers.  T is back on Neupogen because his white cell count dropped but he didn't need any blood or platelets yesterday.  He's aware and present.  Our T is coming back.

I've been talking with him about finding his joy.  He needs distraction... I seem to be the master of distraction: watch a movie, read a book, play Moonlight on my iPhone.  I can lose myself easily so, I don't think.  He's spending too much time thinking and staring.  We're working on it.  He'll find what gives him joy again when he's able to concentrate.  Not too long from now...

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  1. AnneMarie and Tracy,
    I'm going to be staying in Aptos for a few days in August and if you are up for a visitor for a short time, it would do my heart good to see you. Still praying, still sending all the positive thoughts I have toward you both. And, AnneMarie, for those chicken breasts, try marinating them in some good Greek yogurt before breading them...works like a charm for me :)
    All my love, Vicki