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Saturday, June 18, 2011

Today is Saturday, June 18th

Yesterday was a long day at Dominican where T was given 2 infusions after his labs found him wanting some blood... I feel like I should sound like Dracula....  Long day but it's our choice not to make the trek to Stanford on top of the infusion time.  T's rash seems to be fading and he's decided to go back on the Dapsone today (he'd stopped taking it on Wed. after the dermatologist suggested it could be the culprit of the rash).  We'll know if the rash heats up again.  My phone died as we waited so, we turned to the Cooking Channel and the Animal Planet to keep us entertained.  I could have gone home but I just didn't want to leave T.  By the time we got home, it was almost past dinnertime but I rallied with roasted sausage, potatoes, onions & peppers...  T ate a little and we retired.

Today will be a day of fun.  I'm showing property at 1:00 and then, Tom & Jan will pick me up for Gary's Gathering of the Clan.  Unfortunately, T won't be able to make it.  He's neutrapenic and doesn't have the energy but he's gonna be able to make it next year!

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