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Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Today is Tuesday, June 7th

Crawled into bed about 10:45, after we finally got home from Dominican.  T had needed blood after his labs & Dr. Wu's office made it possible.  I'm so thankful that we're in their care!  The drive home was 15 min. rather than an hour and T was able to make it up the stairs, take his chemo (both doses) and Neupogen and close his eyes...  They'd fed him dinner and he'd consumed a book.  Thank God he's able to read again....a saving grace....

I was able to go food shopping, make myself a caesar's salad and go to my support group while T was infused this evening... as Tut said this morning (thank you Vicki):

Think of every single thing that you "have to" do to get through a day, Anne Marie, as things you "get to" do... before your turn is over.

Everything's a gift,
    The Universe

I'm evolving and it's a trip... the discovery is pure joy... Jan turned me onto the support group and the learning is opening me again and showing me the way... I thank all of you my friends and family!  Johnny for the CD of my blogs; Jayne for my blue suede shoes; Cathy for showing me some people are worse off;  Carla for making me laugh; Marilyn for getting me out walking again;  Gini for her gift of a massage;  Allen for walking Riley twice a day forever;  Jim & Linda for Tuscany & many dinners;  Carol and Carroll for many dinners; Diana's twins for their hand painted art books.  I thank you all and so many more for providing rides, food, love and support.  Most of all for being there through the thick of it.  I think we're turning a corner.  T is almost fully present.  He's weak but he's willing and he's eating... He's gonna make it!!!!!!  and I'm the Master of Distraction!!!


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