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Monday, June 27, 2011

Today is Monday, June 27th

We're back at Dominican for blood infusions.  I'm steaming hot.  We met a new infectious diseases doctor today for T's rash.  While she was combing through T's paperwork from Stanford;  she mentioned that he'd had pneumonia and infections in both lungs at the end of Mar.  I'm pissed.  Don't you think that it would have been important for someone to share that with us???  Now what do I do with the information?

I dropped T for labs this morning on my way to see Cathy Sy, my beloved chiropractor.  Kellye stopped to see T and said when we meet with Dr. Wu on Thurs; she will be there too, that she's getting mixed signals from Stanford.  I don't know what that means but I guess we'll find out.  Fri. we go back to Stanford to see Bruno.  That should be interesting too.

Talked to a real estate referral today.  He's looking for land off the grid in the Santa Cruz mountains.  We'll see....

I'm very drowsy... would love to curl up and take a nap... maybe I will....


  1. Yes-naps rule!! I hope you went for it. Could recharge from all the stress.
    Love to you both,

  2. Anne Marie you are appreciated in all that you do.
    You are doing a great job juggling all aspects of the day to day stuff thrown your way!
    You and T are learning so much about the Nasty C- (not by your choice, yet your were chosen) thru experience, communication, emotions and T is the body that is experiencing the physical part.
    thank-you for the postings and sharing your knowledge, and updates.
    sending HUGS to you and T
    Love Jeannette and Matt